Grits 3-6 mm

Grit is a wholesome fragmented dried product. Mushrooms retain their value and taste during drying.

The grit size of 3-6 mm is used to prepare dishes in which visible but small pieces of mushrooms are present. In this fraction, the level of fragmentation of mushrooms is high. Each batch of goods is controlled according to established parameters and customer requirements.


The product obtained by crushing purified dried mushrooms is produced by processing dried mushroom petals, which are fractionated and then sifted.
Thanks to various sieves, we can obtain different sizes of grit. The product does not contain genetically modified ingredients. No genetically modified ingredients, preservatives, or animal-derived ingredients are used in the technological process or production of the product. The product is not subjected to ionizing radiation. The packaging is clean, undamaged, ensuring the stability of the physicochemical and organoleptic properties of the product, and meets the requirements of applicable regulations regarding packaging intended for contact with food – polyethylene foil bags and 3-layer cardboard boxes.

The finished product is tested during the production process for moisture content, fraction sieving, and foreign bodies in the goods.

In accredited laboratories, the goods are regularly subjected to microbiological control and tested for the presence of heavy metals and pesticides.

Each individual package contains identification data according to the following parameters:

  • best-before date
  • product name
  • manufacturer’s and/or supplier’s details
  • net weight
  • batch number