We deliver the highest quality mushrooms

We offer both farmed mushrooms, such as white, brown and shiitake mushrooms, as well as forest mushrooms obtained by local suppliers.

We meet international quality and safety standards that guarantee the highest level of services

Our products

Podgrzybek brunatny

Jantex Group

We are a Polish family company established in 1981. We have created a solid foundation for our business and challenged Western European mushroom producers. They have been genuinely surprised by the unique quality of the Polish products.

We are treasure hunters. We are looking for a real pearls created by nature: tasty, aromatic mushrooms. Our desire is to create a possibility for as many people as possible to benefit from the endless treasury of natural tastes.

We know how to preserve something exceptionally fragile and perishable. That is why we pasteurize or sterilize our products. Next, we put them in appropriate packages to retain all their properties.

Certificates and awards