In December 2020, the European Green Deal was enacted at the European summit, and that is a great challenge for the Polish economy and companies. Regarding Fit for 55, it is necessary to introduce changes gradually, and to bring products with a lower carbon footprint to the market.

As Polish entrepreneurs and a company that processes dried mushrooms, we have started to think hard, invest in low-carbon energy sources, and head towards new solutions that are best for our company. Our greatest demand in processing is heat, and we are looking for alternative ways to obtain it for economic and ecological reasons.

One of the new solutions that we are going to implement in our company is cogeneration powered by gas, so that we could use the primary energy more efficiently than in case of production from conventional sources. In addition, as members of the Hydrogen Platform of Wielkopolska, we also look into any innovative solutions that can lead towards the usage of clean hydrogen. Last month was particularly fruitful in the scope of promising meetings regarding the development of these plans.

We are thankful for introducing the idea of hydrogen at H2POLAND | Poznań | fairs and during the visits of specialists in this area, by