Shiitake mushroom

Shiitake mushroom is a popular ingredient of East Asian Cuisine. Their aroma is not intense, but their consistency is interesting and they have a lot of qualities that are beneficial to health. They have a positive effect on the intestinal passage, skin and immune system condition, so they are an indispensable element of many dishes. […]


Champignon is the most popular cultivated mushroom, both in Poland and in the world, which substitutes the flavour of less accessible seasonal forest mushrooms. In our product range we have brown champignon, white champignon and portobello champignon. Jantex Foodservice Group has mushroom-growing cellars of the highest quality, and carefully selected and certified suppliers as members […]

Oyster mushroom

It is commonly believed that mushrooms are eaten mainly for their taste or low calorific value because they have no nutritional value. It is different in the case of oyster mushrooms. This mushroom species has unusual nutritional and health values. Oyster mushroom is a rich source of proteins, minerals, fibre and other antioxidants, and they […]


Chanterelle is an unusual type of mushroom, with a specific colour and shape. It is highly valued thanks to its fine spicy aroma and peppery fragrance. There is also a lot of information on chanterelle’s health maintenance qualities, so we had to include it in our product range. During the season, mushrooms from Polish purchasing […]