Jantex Foodservice Group focuses on environmental sustainability. How our company affects energy consumption and the usage of renewable sources, which are induced by both noble intentions and ensuring our company’s independence to ensure its continuity and our production safety, are very important to us. In public discussions related to the economy, more and more attention is directed to excessive greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, which is caused mainly by the combustion of coal and other traditional fuels. Modern developing companies have to take care of the high quality of their goods and services, providing themselves with resources and also corporate social responsibility.

There are more and more consumers who are concerned about environmental issues. The growing interest in ecological issues also affects corporate policy and certifying units, whose requirements regarding the policy of companies being part of the supply chain are increasing. In the current market situation, with very high competitiveness and the possibility of obtaining resources at a global scale, many companies look for a way to stand out from their competitors. A competitive advantage becomes essential, and nowadays, it is determined not only by the price of goods. The quality of goods, delivery time and the company’s policy regarding its influence on the natural environment and society are becoming more and more important.

CSR in Jantex Group

That is why in Jantex, we have been implementing a corporate social responsibility policy based on sustainable development – CSR. According to a definition that was created by the European Commission, CSR is: the responsibility of enterprises for their direct and indirect impact on society. In the spirit of this idea, aside from increasing profits, environmental issues, social and ethical aspects are very important in our company. We have been trying to implement this perspective not only at the level of managing our company, but also by verifying our suppliers’ policies to ascertain the resources we use. Our company’s involvement in operations related to the development of renewable energy sources for enterprises, seeking opportunities to obtain a grant, and constant improvement of our machine park by those machines that are more energy-efficient, and fit perfectly to the concept of socially responsible corporate management.

For us, this is one of the methods to build our competitiveness in the market and to provide a better tomorrow for all of us. It is worth mentioning that we have noticed that our approach has a positive effect on our company’s environment, work quality and efficiency. Apart from already described image-related benefits and reduced negative impact on the natural environment, switching to alternative energy sources also gives us economic profits and a sense of greater stability. On the other hand, the investment in another solution for gaining energy from renewable sources aims to contribute to achieving complete energy independence. Alternative energy sources constitute a substantial part of energy sources used by our company because, in Jantex, such solutions have been implemented gradually for several years. For us, implementing those solutions and using our own fleet means a lower carbon footprint, quality guarantee, self-sufficiency and security in case of problems with the standard energy supply.

How we do it?

  • we establish fixed business relations with local suppliers to support the Polish economy and to shorten the supply chain and delivery time.
  • thanks to our own modern fleet, we deliver goods according to client requirements, and we are able to oversee delivery conditions and quality. Our lorries don’t come back empty, which is assured by our efficient logistics department.
  • we constantly improve our machine park and production lines, and we use new energy-efficient solutions that are more environmentally friendly, i.e. replacing the lighting with LEDs, improving ventilation, and optimising the drying process. For this year we are planning some investments in new advanced technologies that will improve our production and provide optimisation of energy consumption that will also improve our efficiency.
  • our company has already got its own photovoltaic farm, which we want to develop in the nearest future, and this way we can provide complete coverage of our energy demand.

It is worth mentioning that apart from using unconventional energy sources when designing and building new buildings, our company took into account their energetic efficiency. There are modern wind turbines on the company’s roof, currently in the test phase. For the year 2022/2023, our company is planning investments in a heat pump and modern solutions of cogeneration to have the ability to cumulate and steer the energy produced by its own solar field.

Our company has clearly defined goals in the scope of improving energy efficiency and obtaining independence, which constitutes an integral part of our business. We believe that it will contribute to increasing our company’s economic balance and it will support limiting our impact on the natural environment.