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Today we can talk about the JantexApp, our production and storing management system – our newest achievement, which we are very proud of because it has already started bringing desired effects, such as:

  • Digitalisation of processing and storage processes. To head towards minimising the carbon footprint of our organisation, we try to reduce the amount of printed documents by using electronic versions instead. Soon, at each stage, any operations will be reported exclusively via the JantexApp module.
  • The implementation of the app affects the optimisation of processing and storage processes and provides fast access to all necessary information.
  • Improvement of the production planning process and of establishing the proper EOQ for our raw materials, everything to finally enhance our guaranteed lead time for clients,
  • Access to data obtained directly from production enables us to react quickly in case of some failure or quality problems.
  • Easy traceability at every stage of production.

JantexApp story in a nutshell

Recently, technology has developed greatly, and many programs and solutions to support companies have appeared on the market. Clients and certifying units make high demands regarding the control of origin, processing and documenting the operations that a raw material is subjected to until the final product is created. In order to meet all the requirements, over the past year, we have been looking for a solution that could help us set in order and collect all the information on processing in one place, which could also be used as a tool for analysing the obtained data. Software available on the market turned out to be not flexible enough for our unique production process, which is why we decided to create our own dedicated application, adjusted directly to our own needs and executed technological processes in JANTEX Foodservice Group. It was possible to achieve thanks to our team’s work.

The app is our new solution. We are still at the stage of implementing the next stages, refinements and new ideas to improve our work. Improving the machine park in our company and the development of using the CIM technology that we plan for 2022/2023 also affect the constant extension and improvement of our tool, which is the app integrated with the ERP system. Building and automation of processes should help us obtain information in real-time and analyse data regularly, to improve the quality and capacity of our production. Using new technologies has become necessary, and Jantex follows the current trends to meet the requirements of its clients.

The key functionalities that we have planned:

  • WAREHOUSE module (Constant inventory of the warehouse) this is a special way of listing the assortment regularly for the whole year, implemented to control the processing goods and production costs. The warehouse module also consists of labelling goods, controlling the process of releasing goods from the warehouse and inventory in real-time, so that we can plan the production for our clients more effectively),
  • COLD STORES module (automation of receiving goods, releasing it to production, FIFO lane, controlling the amount of waste and the amount of final product),
  • DRYING module (automation of controlling goods entering and exiting the drying process, controlling the work of sorting worker, controlling over FIFO, production status and packing process in real-time),
  • TRACEABILITY module (information on the date, the amount and the number of pallets of received, processed and released goods).
  • QUALITY module – Accurate information on the quantity and quality of delivered goods. Creating a database on suppliers that is available in the system, providing traceability of pallets in the whole production process. Possibility to report and document problems and test results of goods at every stage of production in the system.

Our team consists of specialists and students responsible for creating and implementing the app:

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